Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello JavaFX 2

JavaFX 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of Java as a rich client platform, shortening development time and easing deployment of data-driven business and enterprise client applications. Know more... (with FREE download of JavaFX 2.0 Data Sheet in PDF format)

JavaFX 2.0 is the latest major update release for JavaFX. Many of the new features introduced in JavaFX 2.0 are incompatible with JavaFX 1.3. If you are developing a new application in JavaFX, it is recommended that you start with JavaFX 2.0. You can find current online JavaFX 2.0 Documentation here:

Before Create project of JavaFX 2, may be you have to download and install JavaFX SDK here:

- Start NetBeans IDE, click File -> New Project...

- Select JavaFX in Categories, aand JavaFX Application in Project, click Next.
New a project of JavaFX Application

- Enter Project Name, helloworldJavaFX2. Make sure both checkbox of Create Application Class and Set as Main Project is checked. the Application class name will updated automatically when we enter Project Name. Click Finish.
Setup new project of JavaFX

- The Project Wizard will generate the default project for you.
Auto-generated JavaFX 2 project

- Build: Click Run -> Build Main Project.

- Run: Click Run -> Run Main Project, or press F6, or click on the Green Arrow icon.
Hello World! using JavaFX 2

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