Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Java + JavaFX + jSSC communicate with Arduino Board, run on Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi

It's a series of examples to program Java + JavaFX + jSSC(java-simple-serial-connector) on Windows 10 with NetBeans IDE. Run on Windows 10, to communicate with Arduino Board. And finally show how to remote deploy on Raspberry Pi using NetBeans IDE Remote Java SE Platform.

Prepare jSSC - download and add library to NetBeans, and create project using it
Example of using jSSC, communicate between JavaFX and Arduino Uno via USB Serial port
- JavaFX + jSSC - read byte from Arduino Uno, read from Analog Input

- JavaFX + jSSC - read byte from Arduino Uno, display in LineChart

- Bi-direction communication between Arduino and PC using Java + jSSC

- Java + JavaFX + jSSC run on Raspberry Pi, control Arduino Uno
(with setup Remote Java SE Platform on Netbeans/Windows 10, remote deploy to Raspberry Pi)

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