Friday, September 23, 2011

HelloNetBeans: Create Java Desktop Application using NetBeans IDE

- Start NetBeans IDE, click File -> New project... on top menu

- Select Categories of Java, and Projects of Java Desktop Application, and click Next.
New Project of Java Desktop Application

- Review Disclaimer and click Next.

- Enter Project Name (HelloNB), and select Basic Application in Choose Application Shell box, and click Finish.
Setup project

- Place a Label:
Like other GUI IDE, simple drag a Label (under Swing Controls) from the Palette pane over the Design Pane.

- Change the Label text:
Right click on the Label and select Edit Text.
Edit Label text

Enter the text.
Enter Label text

- Save All and Click the Green arrow icon to run the application.

- NetBeans: Setting Events With the Connection Wizard

- If you cannot find Java Desktop Application in your NetBeans IDE, you can "Manually create GUI application of Hello World on NetBeans 7.2.1".


  1. I don't have a option in netbeans 7.2.1 for Java Desktop Applicaiton? Any insight would be helpful.