Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Install JDK 7 on Windows 8 (Official version)

In this post, I describe how to download and install JDK 7 (Java SE 7u11 currently) on official Windows 8 (not Preview version).

Note: You must have administrative permissions in order to install the JDK on Microsoft Windows.
Note: Installers for JDK 7u6 and later install the JavaFX SDK and integrate it into the JDK installation directory.

Visit, click the download Java Platform button.

Scroll down to check Accept License Agreement, select Java SE Development Kit 7u11, jdk-7u11-windows-i586.exe for Windows x86.

Run the downloaded installer.

Select optional features and location to install.

Select location to install jre.


- Set PATH environment variable to JDK on Official Windows 8

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